Essential Facts to Know About Sedation Dentistry

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While some people do not like seeing the dentist, they would still schedule routine appointments for their overall oral wellness. However, others would rather deal with the pain they experience in silence than seek professional assistance. Some of the factors that can lead to avoiding the dentist are past negative experiences or the patient’s understanding of dental treatments.

Fortunately, there is a particular field in dental care that aims to help patients feel more relaxed and at ease through the use of sedatives. At Lake Oswego Dental, we offer our patients laughing gas or oral sedation depending on what ideal for their needs and preferences. However, what everyone should understand is, there is more to sedation dentistry than they initially thought. To find out more about it, continue reading below!

sedation treatment


Makes dental appointments go faster

One of the good news when using sedatives during dental procedures is, patients will feel that the process only lasted for a few minutes instead of several hours. Aside from making patients feel at ease, it also allows the dentist to perform more work in just one sitting.

Assists patients with various dental troubles

Aside from being fearful, one of the reasons why patients avoid the dentist is pain. Those with sensitive teeth tend to hesitate to visit the dentist since they are more likely to experience more pain as the dentist works on their teeth. However, sensitivity may indicate problems like the presence of tooth decay, brushing too hard, or the wear and tear of the teeth, as well as the gums.

Some patients tend to gag during procedures, and the usual factors are psychological and physical. A patient can gag whenever the dentist places anything inside their mouth, making it uncomfortable for them and troublesome for the dentist. But with the help of sedation dentistry, patients are less likely to react or gag as the dental professional work.

Encourage patients to book future appointments

If a patient has already experienced the benefits of sedation dentistry during one visit, they are more likely to look forward to future visits without feeling scared or anxious. The good news is, the earlier they seek professional assistance, the better since the problems they experience can be treated sooner without needing any complicated procedures.


Do not let your anxiety and fear with dentistry stop you from getting the dental care you need and deserve! Make this possible by taking advantage of our Sedation Dentistry options in Lake Oswego, OR. Call or visit us at Lake Oswego Dental to get started.